The 2016 All-Orange Empire Conference selections were announced this week with two Hornets making the team. 

Freshman defensive specialists Tatsiana Loscutoff was chosen first team All-OEC and freshman Brooke Morris was a second team All-OEC selection. Loscutoff also led the Hornets with 6 goals scored and 2 assists. Morris had a goal and 2 assists on the season.

Both Loscutoff and Morris were standout players for Fullerton this year and deserve the honors.

The complete 2016 All-Orange Empire Conference Team

MVP: Jordan Moore, Orange Coast (So. Midfield)
Coach of the Year: Ian Woodhead, Santiago Canyon

Renee De la Torre, Santiago Canyon (So. Midfield)
Siera Pedroza, Santiago Canyon (Fr. Keeper)
Lauren Sabella, Santiago Canyon (So. Forward)
Cassie Soto, Santiago Canyon (Fr. Forward)
Kristen Nolan, Cypress (Fr. Forward)
Nicole Walters, Cypress (So. Midfield)
Kelsea Freiling, Cypress (So. Defense)
Sydnee Busby, Orange Coast (So. Forward)
Lupe Rodriguez, Orange Coast (Fr. Midfield)
Chatrina Skytte, Orange Coast (Fr. Defense)
Breanna Taboada, Saddleback (So. Defense)
Helene Hollidge, Saddleback (So. Forward)
Yesenia Pulido, Irvine Valley (So. Keeper)
Rosa Soto-Aleman, Irvine Valley (So. Midfield)
Kacee Thoren, Santa Ana (So. Midfield)
Betty Tamayo, Santa Ana (So. Midfield)
Brooke Riddle, Golden West (Fr. Keeper)
Valentina Manns, Golden West (Fr. Midfield)
Tatsiana Loscutoff, Fullerton (Fr. Defense)
Marisol Bravo, Norco (Forward)

Savannah Knight, Santiago Canyon (Fr. Defense)
Maddy Solder, Santiago Canyon (Fr. Midfield)
Jameelah Powell, Santiago Canyon (So. Defense)
Alondra Guzman, Santiago Canyon (So. Forward)
Kailey Merino, Cypress (So. Forward)
Julissa Zuniga, Cypress (Fr. Midfield)
Ashley Smith, Cypress (So. Defense)
Samantha Lombardo, Orange Coast (So. Defense)
Emily Malec, Orange Coast (So. Midfield)
Ciara Brennan, Orange Coast (Fr. Defense)
Dz-Rae Jara, Saddleback (Fr. Keeper)
Jessica Kron, Saddleback (Fr. Defense)
Elissa Gonzalez, Irvine Valley (Fr. Midfield)
Alexandra Benedict, Irvine Valley (So. Forward)
Peggy Zisk, Santa Ana (Fr. Defense)
Kassandra Herrera, Santa Ana (Fr. Midfield)
Sabrina Willis, Golden West (Fr. Defense)
Emily Flores, Golden West (Fr. Midfield)
Brooke Morris, Fullerton (Fr. Defense)
Kassandra Ramirez, Norco (Fr. Defense)

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