The Hornets women's basketball team recently had their end of the year banquet, and four players were honored for their efforts during the 2017-18 season.

Hornet head coach Marcia Foster is all about tradition and rewarding those who work hard with the will to win. Below are the four awards that Coach Foster and the Hornet coaching staff handed out.

Most Improved 
Freshman Lyneya Turner was solid this past season and got better with every game. "Everyone knows that I was on Ney all of the time to get better, to get tougher, and to use the gifts that she'd been given. She gave it her best with lots of early morning work done on her own with Coach Neal, putting in extra in the gym time with Coach Brown, and doing whatever she needed to do to get better. Getting better is not easy – it takes work, lots of it. I'm proud to honor this year's recipient for most improved", Coach Foster.

Rookie of the Year 
Freshman Aliyah-Deen Ahmad was electric on the floor this past season. She can score at will and lock down oppponents defensively. "She's talented, she's tough, and she's competitive. Aliyah had moments when she figured out that her best was worth giving, and she did it to the tune of a 2nd team All-Conference Award", Coach Foster.

Linda Dugan-Mann – P.A.C.E. Award
Freshman Lani Maehara was selected for this meaningful first-time award. "This is special because of what it means, and who it now stands for. Linda Dugan Mann gave everything to be a part of Hornet basketball. She played under legendary coach Colleen Riley, while experiencing an undefeated season, a state championship, and then went on to earn a scholarship at Cal Poly Pomona where she won another championship. Hard work and never quitting were qualities that described LDM, she gave a persistent and consistent effort every time. A perpetual plaque has been donated in her honor by one of her former Cal Poly teammates.

The Rock Award
Sophomore Melody Thomsen was selected for this award. "A rock is solid, it takes years to become what it is, it's consistent throughout, it's tough, and it cannot be worn down easily. This award is about someone you can count on and Mel is consistent. You can count on her character, her heart, and her leadership. You can count on Mel all of the time", Coach Foster.