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Red-shirt freshman Ieann Vasquez makes good on a promise to himself by landing a spot on the Southern Oregon roster.

Vasquez worked his tail off this past year in the classroom and on the field doing what it takes to get to the next level. He did it all without even playing in a single game last fall. Hornet head coach Greg Aviles thought it would be best to red-shirt Vasquez in order to adapt to the rigors of college life, and the plan worked in the young student-athlete's favor getting an offer from the Raiders, who won the Cascade Conference championship last season.

"Ieann is a very hard-working individual that dedicated himself to the plan we put together for him. We are very blessed to have had him be a part of our program and come alongside his journey. We wish him all the best", said Aviles.

Vasques does not take this opportunity lightly after taking some time off from the game he loves.

"My time at Fullerton was brief, but powerful, the professors there care but it was Coach Aviles who made the biggest difference. He encouraged me to get back on the field after months of not playing and believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. He restored my hope of playing at the highest collegiate level and for that I'll forever be grateful", claimed Vasquez.

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